Save Yourself from the Summer Heat

Save Yourself from the Summer Heat

Everyone loves the summer weather. As much as you may love the sun, you can’t be exposed to it 24/7. To survive in the summer it means staying in a cooler area and if its not in the shade of a tree then you are paying for it.

Costs Beyond the Personal Fan

Protecting yourself from the heat is a never ending task in the summer. Just think of a typical day: Whether its keeping the car cool while you wait in traffic or trying to keep your kids from screaming before school , your A/C is on from the moment you get in the car. Then at the office you blast the A/C , and maybe even an office fan. Finally you get home after a long day and once again that A/C runs throughout the night.

Your car(s), house and office all require the A/C to be on to ensure survival in the summer. That means a higher energy cost whether its in the form of gas or electricity. The average person spends an additional 65% on energy bills in the summer months to battle the heat. May want to think again about that weekend get away.

How Tinting Saves

This is where window tinting kicks in. A window tint or window film (whatever you prefer to say), adds a protective insulating adhesive to your window. It blocks out up to 65% of the heat associated with the sun and 99% of harmful UV rays. That means protecting your car, home or office from external heat, while maintaining the internal temperature. Less A/C to keep your place cool for a longer period of time.

Alpha Tinting Is Here For You

Our team of experienced window tinting specialists have been tinting windows for many years, and we understand the concerns for Texas residents. The high-quality window tinting films used coupled with the quality craftsmanship of our technicians is simply a home run. All of the film used is backed by long-standing manufacturer warranties, and we are pleased to offer very competitive pricing for our exceptional service. A small service cost now will result in a high return on investment later.

Alpha Tinting is the leading provider of window tinting, auto detailing, and windshield repair services in Texas. We have been proudly serving the state for several years through a network of high-quality tinting, detailing, and window repair specialists. To learn more about our services and offerings please email us at Like what you see? Follow this link to proceed to checkout.

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