Price over Quality: Mistake #1

Price over Quality: Mistake #1

Like anything a smart investor will compare multiple providers to find the best price for a service.

Dale Lemmings of Motley Fool commented this on the average American consumer, “The average person will call about 3-5 businesses before making a decision on a provider. 9 times out of 10 they will go with the cheapest service. However, there is a reason why that company provides the cheapest service”.

The American consumer at times forgets about the quality the job and is more focused on the price. However the cheaper price often times can result in a low quality job that will eventually have to be redone in a shorter amount of time. In the long run the best quality should be the job taken, however the best customer is an educated customer.

The same inference can be made about customers inquiring about window tinting. Every tinter provides a different quality of tint, which is reflected in their price. Often times the cheapest job will be from an inexperienced tinter trying to find business, or the film itself is of cheap quality. It’s important to ask the tinter what quality of film he plans on using and if this film matches what you’re looking for.

Here are three important questions to ask any tinter before agreeing to a price:

  1.  What type of films do you usually use for my need?
  2.  Of these films what is the best quality and what’s your cheapest quality?
  3.  How many years have you been doing this for, would you be able to provide references?

These three questions can save you from a tinting nightmare. Before you get your windows tinted take some time and surf the web. Figure out exactly what you are looking for and what type of film best meets your own personal need. There are hundreds of reasons why people have their windows tinted, but there is only one you. If you would like a resource to use check out , a firm based out of Texas. The website is full of hundreds of articles on window tinting.

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