Life Expectancy of Window Tint

Life Expectancy of Window Tint

As they have always said all good things must come to an end. Eventually all window films will wear down and need to be replaced. Now lifespan for every film is different and depend on a variety of different factors including the materials in the film, the sunlight it’s exposed to, and the installation process.


There are many different types of films out in the market these days. The lowest quality is dyed window film, which can begin to fade after a year under intense sunlight. Any type of hybrid film, which consists of both dyed and metallic materials, usually will have about 5 years of use. The highest quality film, ceramic, will provide at least ten years of use and there have been reports of some films lasting over 30 years. The biggest concern of any consumer is price vs. quality. You can probably look on craigslist and find a few different technicians that are willing to do a car for $50-$100. BUT BEWARE 99% of the time they will be using a lower quality of film. At the same time many people do not want to spend $300 on a ceramic film. The best price vs. quality film is the hybrid film, which will have at least 5 years of use and often times will stay on the car longer than you own the vehicle.


Now that you have decided a price range for the film, it’s time to figure out where to purchase the film. There are two different options: self-installation vs. professional installation. Its true window tinting installation isn’t rocket science, but like any “Do it yourself” you take on an extra risk. If you do not have a professional install the film then you will most likely lose any type of warranty that is associated with the film. Having a professional put the film on will cost extra, but it alleviates any risk of not having a warranty cover the film. Also many technicians carry an installation warranty as well.

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