It’s Finally Spring and Finally Time to get Your Windows Tinted

It’s Finally Spring and Finally Time to get Your Windows Tinted


The summer heat in the southwest can be beautiful and brutal within the same glare. Texas temperatures like to hang around 90 degrees, which means keeping yourself cool every moment you get. After pools, beaches and lakes, the only way to escape the heat is the majestic air conditioner. The only problem is that unlike natural ways to beat the heat, the A/C means raising your energy bill. There a few different ways to beat these necessary costs such as, replacing your windows, managing your A/C, and buying drapes.

Window Tinting is the Answer

An overlooked method to beat the heat, and the most cost effective, is residential window tinting. It’s affordable and only takes a few hours to have done. Our technicians can come on the same day and within hours you can be enjoying the benefits of our window films.

Here are some of the benefits:

Reduce your glare
99% reduction of UV’s from sunlight
75% heat reduction from direct sunlight
Adds an aesthetic look to your house
Protects upholstery from fading due to glares

These are just some of the many benefits our window films can bring to your home. It’s time to take the next step towards enjoying the summer to the fullest potential. Keep your blinds open and your A/C low, while not worrying about the glare to your TV. If your looking for any other reasons check out our website to see every benefit!

Window Tinting is an easy way to save money during the nicest time of the year. Most of our customers take the money they save and put it towards a summer vacation. Imagine what you could do with a few extra thousand dollars each year!

Alpha Tinting is the leading provider of window tinting, auto detailing, and windshield repair services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have been proudly serving the area for several years through a network of high-quality tinting, detailing, and window repair specialists. To learn more about our services and offerings please contact us and ask for a free quote.

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