Film Shades: The Aesthetic Side of Tinting

Film Shades: The Aesthetic Side of Tinting

This is the final part of decision for the window tinting process. At this point you have probably done your homework, called a few places and finally came across a company you liked. The last step of this process is deciding how dark you want your windows to be. The best way to figure this out is to look at an index with all the different shades.

Automobile Window Tinting

In Texas the legal limit for all window tint is 25% on the driver side and passenger side windows. However, you can make the call about how dark you want to go. Here at Alpha Tinting we like to recommend a 25% to 15% ratio. One of the most important things is to keep in mind the difference in shades. Some potential customers want a limo tint (5%), but it clashes with a significantly brighter shade at 25%.

The golden ratio in tinting is 60% meaning you want your front windows 60% lighter than your back windows. Now this is just something we have picked up over the years, but our customers agree. Be sure to ask a technician to bring a few shades of film for you to choose from.

Residential/ Commercial Window Tinting

The golden ratio is specifically for automobile window tinting. The most important aspect of deciding what shade of film you desire is to look at the color of your building and what you are looking for. A lighter colored building would demand a darker shade, while a darker colored building you may want to stick with a lighter shade. The key is to have the film and the building color to contrast with one another. Be sure to ask a technician to bring a few shades of film for you to choose from.

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