The Costs of Car Detailing in Dallas

The Costs of Car Detailing in Dallas

A very common question we receive from our customers is: How much would it cost to get my car detailed? The answer isn’t as simple as offering up a number. Detailing is intricate work that can vary quite a bit depending on what you would like done to your vehicle.

The first thing that affects pricing is what kind of vehicle you have. Obviously a large Sport Utility Vehicle has a lot more surface area to cover both inside and out which means more time for the detailer to work and more chemicals to use. So, a big SUV is going to cost a few dollars more than a small coupe or sedan.

Interior and Exterior Car Detailing

Secondly, there are different services a detailer can offer for your vehicle. If you strictly want an exterior jon with a basic wash and wax, that will be a lesser charge than a full inside and out detail completion. If you’re serious about your paint, ask for a debris removal process. If you want the interior of your car to look and smell like new, opt for a full carpet, surface and upholstery treatment on top of the basic vacuum and cleaning option.

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